Ravi Teja's 'Krishna' Movie Review


Krishna (Raviteja) is a Msc (Comp.) Gold medalist who leaves his high paying job to accommodate another person who is in need of Job. He stays with his brother (Chandra Mohan) in Vijayawada spending time with his friends. One fine day he suddenly comes across Sandya (Trisha) and falls in love with her. Sandhya is the sister of a Bada Builder Shinde from Hyderabad (Sayaji Shinde). Shinde has a rivalry with Jakka (Mukul Dev), a notorious criminal-cum-rapist and Jakka wanna marry Sandhya. How Krishna plays with Jakka &co and how he marries his sweet heart is the rest of the story.


No other hero can do such comedy except Ravi Teja. He is the perfect one for such kind of roles. With each film, he is improving, especially in comic timing. It is his show all the way. Trisha is so beautiful and this is the first time that she played a glamorous character in Telugu. Ravi Teja and Trisha's pairing is also perfect and they have good chemistry. Brahmanandam takes the onus. Without him, the film is nothing. The veteran comedian is like a wine that tastes better with each day. After Dhee, Chandramohan gets another comic role. Newcomer Mukul Dev is good. Shinde, Kota, Sunil, JP and others have done adequate job. Technical and production values should be mentioned. Chota K Naidu's camera brings richness to the screen. Perhaps, Vijayawada has never been so beautifully captured. After delivering dud like Yogi, V V Vinayak comes with refreshingly. He has reinvented his style and delivers goods again. After Lakshmi and Tulasi, writer Akula Shiva comes up with another winner. He gets full appreciation as director this time. He has extracted good performances from actors and technicians and blended it perfectly. Songs by music Chakri is adequate.


Good entertainer, worth watching.

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Brothers in arms

CHIRANJEEVI’s political entry has been the subject of many a dinner table conversation and not to mention endless newsroom debates, over the last few weeks, since reports of his imminent political entry surfaced. Understandably the rumour mills have been in over drive speculating the possibilities, alliances and what not. The latest rumour traces its origins to Chiru's younger brother PAWAN KALYAN. Pawan Kalyan is believed to have revealed to his close aides that Chiranjeevi will indeed be launching a political party and that the fan associations will have a major role to play. It does look like the speculations are not dying down anytime soon.

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I am sixteen...

Having charmed the audience in her debut venture Desamuduru, HANSIKA MOTWANI now has her hands full with the NTR starrer, tentatively titled, Kantri. Heard the cast and crew of the film were in for a huge surprise when the ravishing actress revealed that she is only 16 years old. Talk about being sweet sixteen! That she’s already acted in two films as a leading lady at such a tender age is a testimony to her immense potential. This girl sure has a long way to go!

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