Xbox LIVE tie up with Hanuman Returns

Animation film Hanuman was a story on a historical event; and was one of those films which set a precedent for the Indian animated feature market in 2005. Moving forward Percept Picture Company will extend Hanuman through a series of animation films. Our second film in the series is Hanuman Returns which is all about an entertainment experience hence the marriage with an apt platform like Xbox Live. “We are excited to showcase the hugely anticipated Hanuman Returns on the Xbox Live service – a next generation platform for complete connected entertainment with an existing community of millions of users worldwide” said MD of Percept Holdings Mr. Shailendra Singh.

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Foot ball in Hotel

There is a hot topic in Bollywood that John Abraham and sexy bombshell Bipasa Basu have been divided and Bipasa has become closer to Saif Ali Khan. However, these two are not caring any gossips. Moreover these love birds are halted in one hotel at London and playing foot ball. Do you mean that they are practicing foot ball in a hotel rather than going to any one of the play ground, no it is absolutely wrong. At present they are playing in the film GOAL. This film is the back ground story of foot ball. In this connection, Bipasa Basu said though I know about the game of foot ball, I do not have any experience of playing. Hence, I am getting newness and a special feeling by this story. In this issue John Abraham is teaching me the rules and regulations of the foot ball game about how to play and its richness by which I am feeling very thrilling she added.

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Pawan Kalyan's Common Man Protection Force

Pawan Kalyan launched an organization called ‘Common man protection force’ to help the society with a corpus fund of 1 crore rupees. Pawan Kalyan said, "I am an Indian. I don’t have any caste, creed and religion. I am inspired by the national leaders who brought us the independence. I want to use all the force of my fans to enlighten the society and try to solve the social problems in society like child prostitution, fluorosis in Warangal etc. I don’t lie and I have clean history. The only case I have now is about bigamy. I don’t want to comment about as the matter is with the court. I don’t mind going to jail if court finds me guilty." Pawan Kalyan said that he saved 1.32 crores rupees in fixed deposit and he is donating 1 crore out of it for this fund. He said that he is not after investments and buying more properties. He feels guilty to enjoy luxurious life while the common man is suffering with myriad of problems. He said that he won’t mind whatever happens and he would be dedicating rest of his life for ‘Common Man Protection Force’. If you want to contact Common Man Protection Force, you may call 98663 44833 and 98663 44733.

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