Okka Magaadu Review

This highly sensationalized film of Nandamuri Balakrishna in the direction of NTR's ardent fan YVS Chowdary has not touched the expected levels even in the least. It was almost planted in the mind of everybody that Okka Magaadu would decide the state politics after its release. Silly graphics, non-serious getups of Balakrishna, confused first half, monotonous screenplay and mediocre direction is all about Okka Magaadu.


Veera Venkata Satyanarayana Prasad alias Ramu (Balakrishna) is almost the God for the villagers of Venkatapuram. They hail him as Devadideva. Ramu tells them that he is just an ordinary human being. He is their savior. Even the government and law are afraid to touch him. One day, he performs the marriage of two lovers, the bridegroom being the son of villainous chief minister (Asutosh Rana). Simultaneously, an old man takes on the role of Punisher of the Corrupt. By decoding certain features from the old man, the police sketch points to Ramu as the killer. During interrogation of Ramu, the old man comes and reveals that he is the killer. He also reveals that he was the Okka Magaadu, the erstwhile Raghupati Raghava Rajaram (Balakrishna), who waged a stern fight against the British in the 1940s. The enmity between the old man and the CM intensifies. Who exactly is this old man? Why does he kill the baddies sixty years after the Independence? Did he really kill? These are the questions which give twists and counter twists.


Balakrishna did the dual roles of grandson (Ramu) and grandpa (Okka Magaadu) with superb justification. However, the characterization of Okka Magaadu gives a feel that it is out and out a direct lift of Kamal Hassan's in Bharateeyudu. Apart from this, Okka Magaadu often makes a stretched out laugh – Aaah… Aah. Aah…. Exactly, say two hundred percent like Rajnikanth in the film Sivaji. Coming to Ramu characterization, it is more like Balakrishna's ramp in most songs and stylish scenes. But one thing is sure; YVS Chowdary presented NBK as a very handsome hero in this film. There is no technical perfection in the Bharateeyudu-like Okka Magaadu getup and the makeup for it.

Coming to female leads, Nisha Kothari and Anushka have given sumptuous oomph. One hundred percent, they have no roles to play, but to tease the hero. While Nisha Kothari, appearing as a TV reporter, continuously pesters NBK to marry him. The same thing is done by Anushka. Both the girls competed with each other in shaking their hips to their fullest energy. Simran has good footage in the film as the wife of Okka Magaadu. She has lengthy dialogues, performance and sentiment attached to her characterization. Again, Simran's getup as a old lady is not convincing. The makeup is gaudy.

Ashutosh Rana played the chief minister. Without establishing his villainy, the director is desperate to establish him as the villain. His villainy gets funny often. In one scene, the chief minister comes to the hospital without shirt and trouser – just wearing the underwear! Ridiculous attempt by YVS Chowdary, which requires to be censured.

Technical Details

There is nothing novel in the story of YVS Chowdary. A big minus point is that he tried to present Bharateeyudu in a more stylized manner. The characterization of Balakrishna as Okka Magaadu (old man's role) is partially influenced by Rajnikanth's climax role in Sivaji. The flashback dating back to 1940 and its synchronization in 21 st century is a big flaw.

Screenplay is monotonous. However, YVS should deserve praise for maintaining the suspense about the dual roles of Balakrishna till the point it is revealed. Direction is mediocre and at times turned funny.

The introduction song and NBK's duet with Simran are interesting. A couple of songs with the hero shaking legs with Nisha Kothari and Anushka are a good watch. The last song with remixed lyrics from NTR's oldies is a let down, in spite of profuse hip shakes by the heroines. Music by Mani Sharma is a saving grace.

Dialogues department requires special mention. NBK's lengthy dialogue against caste feeling is a good one. Some more: Nenu kottadam modalu pettanante aapadam undadhu…Mamooluga kodithe chachhetatlu kodatha, baadhaga unnapudu kodithe, chasthoo bathikela kodatha.

Stunts: Both the Sr. and Jr.Balarkrishna in the film kick the baddies black and blue. While the senior uses a Chinese blade, it is just fists and kicks from the junior. Imagine an 85-year-old Okka Magaadu jumping from a 20 story building and escaping. Also imagine the same man hijacking the plane with baddies and getting it crashed to a mountain. While all die, the One and Only is alive, comes down the mountain without a scratch to unite with his wife.

There is no scene in which you have comedy worth to tickle your ribs.


The movie is opened to a poor talk. It's major plus point is one and only Balakrishna.

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  1. vinay Says:

    OKKA MAGAADU rocks..

    superb film..NBK's action was good..music gud..totally film is nice..

  2. CHIRUTHA Says:


  3. Ravi Choudary Says:

    Whatever other say I liked the film very much...
    I could call it a YVS and NANDAMURI BALAKRISHNA magic...heroines are awesome...
    but to say the performances are so-so.....Balakrishna simply rocked!!
    But have to say NBK has gr8 potential....
    In other hand simran good but I feel had she's holding back and not giving it a 100%..music was gud...
    the film is worth watching but only for the ONE AND ONLY NBK...

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Superb action film, balakrishna excels in all action scenes ; hot songs! simran did good job

  5. Anonymous Says:

    film is inspired by bhatateeyudu and sivaji...nothing special.....and very boring...yvs magic or nbk magic will not work this time....its a big flop....though fans say it as a hit....its waste to watch the film...very dissappointing...plz dont watch

  6. LAKSHMI Says:

    Only YuvaRatna BalaKrishna Can do this type of Characters.....
    After The Legend NTR, KamalHasan.

    Every Telugu People Should Watch this Film. After Watching the Movie, Every Telugu People Accepts Some Known and Unacceptable Truths behind Greate Personolities of Society (XXXXXXXXXX)

  7. rajasekhar Says:

    thu..chetta cinema. Uttar flop movie. i dong understand how people like this. You have to wear helmets while watching balakrishna movie. These movies are not worth for him. He should select good roles for his dialouge delivery.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Nee Yamma ee cinema nachindi anatam enti raa baabu. Ippudu choosi vastunna. Inta chetta cinema inkokati undadu. Baala Krishna gaadi cinemalu mamoolu janaalu choodatam maanesi chaala rojulu ayyindi ani ippude artham ayyindi.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    dear frnds... its all the mistake of the director who hyped the movie based on the young character of bala krishna with excellent stills and postures.. but the title role is applied 4 the older one.And the character of old simron is worth nothing which made the scenes boring .. and so many mistakes interms of screenplay... finally yvs proved himself tht he is not fit to direct the big heroes ...

  10. Anonymous Says:

    dear frnds... its all the mistake of the director who hyped the movie based on the young character of bala krishna with excellent stills and postures.. but the title role is applied 4 the older one.And the character of old simron is worth nothing which made the scenes boring .. and so many mistakes interms of screenplay... finally yvs proved himself tht he is not fit to direct the big heroes ...

  11. kartik kiran Says:

    only baalakrishna fans(choudaries) would like this film.............other people are finding this movie idiotic.........I want to watch this flick with my frns and have a good laugh.......this is the most unintentional comedy movie ever......full of laughs...........imagine Balakrishna getting up in the middle of the night practising Kungfu...lolz mann .......and villains capture NBK with a net from a helicopter above him...in the MIDNIGHT....thanks YVS.....do more stupid movies and make us happy........just check out YOUTUBE there are a lot of balayya comedies and people are dying for okka mogaadu....

  12. Anonymous Says:

    No comments! DONT WATCH THIS MOVIE! This movie is a disgrace to Tollywood!

    Bad Direction, Bad Makeup, Bad Screenplay, Bad graphics!

    Something went wrong somewhere in making of this film! This film can be used to teach Film students 'How not to make a movie!'

    Horrible movie of all times!

    Worst movie of all times!

    Worst Direction of all times!

    Worst Makeup of all times!

    Makeup and Direction have screwed up all the actors talents in this movie.

    Actresses had no value in this movie. Shame on the writer and director!

  13. telugodu Says:

    Balayya..please stop making movies for the sake of humanity....neelo konchamaina manavathvam dagivunte...dhhani bayataki teesi telugu prjalani rakashinchu...

    This is my sinciere request and hope

  14. Anonymous Says:

    thu idhi oka cinemana....veedu oka hero anta thu...someone is comparing him to NTR and Kamal....what a pity!!

  15. Anonymous Says:

    How can anyone like this movie.. Only a brain dead fellow will tell the other guy to watch such a lame ass movie.. Fucking hate those friends of mine for taking me to this shit!!!
    Please you fans if you don't like a movie just frankly say about it. don't go around and say that he is great this and that..
    Should give capital punishment to that asshole who made this movie!!

  16. praveen Says:

    idem cinemara baboiii....2nd dayne theater motham khalee....story ledhu..comedy ledhu..action ..yakk....mottam anni departments worst..YVS previous movies tho poliste...ee movie ki 1% nyayam kuda cheyledhu..prajalara..manasara..30 rs petti .badha tho navvukovali ante ne ee movie ki vellandii..

  17. kishore Says:

    I have seen some first and last portions of the movie on TV yesterday. Tollywood is fully humiliated by this movie. telugu chalanachitra rangaaniki ilaanti sinimaalu oka shaapam. Evadi meedaina kasi teerchukovalante ee sinimaa choopinchaali.

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