Foot ball in Hotel

There is a hot topic in Bollywood that John Abraham and sexy bombshell Bipasa Basu have been divided and Bipasa has become closer to Saif Ali Khan. However, these two are not caring any gossips. Moreover these love birds are halted in one hotel at London and playing foot ball. Do you mean that they are practicing foot ball in a hotel rather than going to any one of the play ground, no it is absolutely wrong. At present they are playing in the film GOAL. This film is the back ground story of foot ball. In this connection, Bipasa Basu said though I know about the game of foot ball, I do not have any experience of playing. Hence, I am getting newness and a special feeling by this story. In this issue John Abraham is teaching me the rules and regulations of the foot ball game about how to play and its richness by which I am feeling very thrilling she added.

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