Pawan Kalyan's Common Man Protection Force

Pawan Kalyan launched an organization called ‘Common man protection force’ to help the society with a corpus fund of 1 crore rupees. Pawan Kalyan said, "I am an Indian. I don’t have any caste, creed and religion. I am inspired by the national leaders who brought us the independence. I want to use all the force of my fans to enlighten the society and try to solve the social problems in society like child prostitution, fluorosis in Warangal etc. I don’t lie and I have clean history. The only case I have now is about bigamy. I don’t want to comment about as the matter is with the court. I don’t mind going to jail if court finds me guilty." Pawan Kalyan said that he saved 1.32 crores rupees in fixed deposit and he is donating 1 crore out of it for this fund. He said that he is not after investments and buying more properties. He feels guilty to enjoy luxurious life while the common man is suffering with myriad of problems. He said that he won’t mind whatever happens and he would be dedicating rest of his life for ‘Common Man Protection Force’. If you want to contact Common Man Protection Force, you may call 98663 44833 and 98663 44733.

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  1. Jagan Says:

    Thats gr8 upon Pawan kalyanz part. He is true indian.

    He also said, "I'm doing this because of my selfishness. Selfish to help the poor, the needy. I have lot of money. I use a car worth 70lakhs and two more cars. I'm not interested in buying fields or lands. What i have is enough for me to eat for my lifetime. I'm not going to take anything of when i die. All i need then is a 6feet land. This is in no way related to the recent incidents happening in our family. I have been thinking of this for the past 4 months."

    In an answer to a q - Are there any political plans behind this?
    He answered - " Should i be a politician to do this. He question back, 'Are politics the only case to help the needy?"

    Are you doing this in emotion?
    His ans: "What do you mean by emotion. Emotion isn't just anger. It's the feeling of heart. The sympathy feeling within the conscious."

    As an intial deposit he donated rs.1 crore icici bank check.

    - All the Best to Power Star.
    -- Jagannadh